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February 24, 2022

The challenges faced by the men of today are such that they must have been inconceivable to those of past generations. Not that those who walked before us didn’t do it tough, more that the dynamics of life have changed so much that we live in a very different world. Time is of the essence and the hardest thing to find is time for self.

Man Relaxing In Barber's Chair - Orange City CentreHaircut & Beard Trim At Barber industries Orange City CentreHaircut & Beard Trim At Barber industries Orange City Centre
For men today, working a nine to five and coming home to a hot cooked meal and some relaxation must seem like a distant fantasy of a time long gone by. The dynamic in many of today’s households is one where gender roles have crossed over to the point where they are hard to define. There is still an intrinsic expectation of dads to be the bread winner and a father while also adopting much of the role that was traditionally the mothers.

For most blokes the demands of the modern day lifestyle leave him with his nose to the grindstone from sun up until late in the evening and there is little time reserved for self. These rigorous demands have only been compounded in the last couple of years since that mongrel Covid came along. Restrictions on movement confined men to the household where juggling a days work with home schooling and everything else all crossed over into one mashed up reality with no boundaries or escape.

To combat the incessant grind, it is important for men to have some form of release or liberation. Taking a moment in time for meditation or relaxation can reduce stress, maintain good health and increase ones enjoyment of life. This is where a visit the barbershop becomes the perfect antidote in alleviating man’s worries. That moment spent kicking back and relaxing in the barber’s chair offers the perfect escape mechanism for modern men.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that any old shop will cut it either. The culture of the barbershop is important as it is easy for men to feel uncomfortable in a salon setting. Our traditional style barbershop on the other hand provides that masculine haven that is necessary. We stop short of serving up booze and other gimmicks, we focus instead on the things that are good for your body and good for your soul. At Barber Industries Orange City Centre it’s all about good vibes delivered in a comfortable and rejuvenating environment for men.

Come escape with us….