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August 1, 2020

To the detriment of men all over the world, a beard often gets less attention than the hair on top of of a blokes head. Most men think of their facial hair as a nuisance and shave it off every chance they get. Fortunately, there is growing number of enlightened gentleman who have become aware of the expressive potential of their beards and are putting in the effort to make their mane as beautiful as their crown.

The best barbers in orange talk hair and beard combinations.The best barbers in orange talk hair and beard combinations.The best barbers in orange talk hair and beard combinations.

With the right barber on the shears you’ll be well on your way to having your whiskers groomed into a beard style that can be a true manner of self-expression. However, before rushing down to see the team here at the barbershop, it’s best to have an idea of which hair and beard combo will flatter your features and work best for you.

Here are a few factors to consider when it comes to choosing the hair and beard combo that will compliment your style:

Your Personal Style

Every stylistic choice you make for your outward appearance, whether intentional or not, can convey subtle messages about who you are. Your clothes, your hairstyle and your facial hair can convey sophistication and class, grit and aggression, or mystery and charm. Consider the traits that you wish to emphasise and then select a haircut and beard style that will accentuate your broader style.

Your Face Shape

When it comes to choosing the right hair and beard styles, you should always be thinking of your face shape. For men, the general rule is to emphasise strong lines and create definition where needed.

A round face will benefit from an expressive pompadour and a short boxed beard that create definition and angles along their cheekbones. Meanwhile, a square-shaped face that already has strong jawlines may do better with a beard cut to a point so that it can elongate the chin. As the most flexible of all shape types, oval faces can go for everything from big chevron-shaped moustaches down to just a 3-day stubble for light definition.

If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask on your next visit. Our barbers can help explain what will work best for your features and growth pattern. They can also recommend the best beard care products to help you grow and maintain your beard.

Your Grooming Routine

Remember to consider your everyday grooming routine and ritual. If you’re the type of bloke who needs to rush to work every day, then you may not do well with styles that require a lot of time to style and maintain. If you plan to go for long hair and a big beard, then you wan’t to be the type of bloke who doesn’t mind spending the extra time grooming and a little money on the extra products this requires.

Final Thoughts

These guidelines are a good place to start; however, the choice is always up to you and the most important thing is to be conformable in your own skin. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a new look every once in a while, after all, it’s the only way to find the best style for your face! When in doubt, trust in the wisdom of our team of master barbers. We are open seven days a week in the Orange City Centre.