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July 15, 2019

An unmaintained beard will grow wild, disorderly and can become stringy, fuzzy and pretty much just look shithouse. Just like caring for the rest of our body, our face and beard must be well cared for and groomed regularly if it is to remain healthy.

Barber Gives Haircut and Beard Treatment To man with Long Beard

There is more to beard maintenance than just a regular visit to the barbershop for a trim and line up.

That is a great way to get started but there is more to do than that if you want to properly tame the beast. A few changes to your morning routine and you will be well on your way to taming the beard and stepping up your grooming game.

Facial hair is generally much coarser than the hair on our heads and although it may feel incredibly staunch, it needs to be shampooed and conditioned just as regularly or if not more regularly than the hair on our heads. Use a moisturising shampoo to help soften your beard.

No matter the length of your beard, you should be applying beard oil after your shower. Tap water and soaps will strip away your bodies natural oils. Rub a few drops of beard oil between the palms of your hands and then work the oil into your beard and all the way down to the follicles underneath. A good technique is to start against the grain so you can get in deep, then smooth down with the grain and style into the shape you like, this will encourage your beard to grow in that same direction over time.

Combing and brushing your beard can remove fuzz and tangles but provides more than just those obvious benefits. As you brush you exfoliate your face and neck, removing any dead skin from beneath your beard.

Men with longer beards will gain further control by applying a Beard Balm. A good beard balm will moisturise, provide hold for styling and make your beard look thicker. For best results, apply beard balm to a dry beard and look for a product containing all natural ingredients like shea butter, beeswax or lanolin.

A well maintained beard can shape your face, hide imperfections and give you that type of masculine look that only a beard can. A mans beard is special, it can not be adopted by women and children and it is something that is truly ours as men, something sacred and to be looked after.