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November 17, 2021

Spreading to our shores after first starting is the USA, Black Friday has well and truely become a calendar event for shoppers in Australia. The sale period known for crazy good bargains has also been transformed from a single-day shopping spree into a four day bender. At Barber Industries we are keeping up with the times and offering big savings across all retail products on Black Friday.

Barbershop products on sale for Black FridayMan getting grooming service at Charlestown Barbershop
A Quick History

The term ‘Black Friday’ actually stems way back to an 1869 stock market crash in the United States. Speculators were trying to corner the gold market at the time and the White House stepped in to try and stabilise the price. They succeeded in suppressing the gold price but unfortunately the whole stock market imploded. It is said that the term crossed over to retail as stores experiencing poor sales were trading ‘in the red’, however after booming sales for Thanksgiving they were trading ‘in the black’ by the Friday, hence the phrase Black Friday.

Save 30% On All Your Grooming Essentials

At Barber Industries we are getting in on the action and this year we are offering a saving of 30% on all retail products over the weekend from Black Friday the 26th through to Cyber Monday the 29th November. Save on all your favourite hair styling products including our barbershop only brands. No better time to purchase that fine cut throat razor, shaving brush or full shaving kit. To take advantage, read the fine print for T&C’s.

The Fine Print

To be eligible for the 30% saving customers must purchase the retail items in conjunction with any grooming service. The discount applies to all retail items only. The offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer. Show this blog post to claim.