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June 5, 2020

Being well-groomed is one of the critical factors of being a modern man. Not only does it help you look and feel good about yourself, but it'll also help build a strong reputation about yourself. In other words, being well-groomed tells others that you're clean, professional, and hygienic, among other things. Although you can get yourself well-groomed at the barbershop, you also need to keep up the habit at home. In this article, we share six things you'll need in your grooming kit for home.

Hair Styling Products by Uppercut DeluxeBody Wash by 18.21 Man MadeCologne and Combs for grooming needs
Shaving Kit

Shaving kits are a must-have for any man, it does’t matter if you like to grow a fully-fledged and thick beard or just a minimal moustache, you need the right tools for the job and that starts with a good razor and something to help it slide. We stock a wide range of shaving kits, creams, gels and aftershaves, ask the staff in store and get the best.

Shower Gel

Are you still using bars of soap to clean your body? Toss that to the side and use a shower gel instead! Shower gels are the next level in terms of how clean and fresh you feel after using it to wash your body. Plus, there is a huge variety of shower gels, each to help you feel cool, clean, and manly. We recommend 18.21 Man Made Wash for a truely manly aroma of saffron and dried fruits that mellow to hints of tonka bean, manuka honey, dark-toned vanilla, tobacco, exotic woods and powdery musk.


What's worse than coming out of your home looking not quite aesthetically pleasing is coming out with a bad body odour. That's right. You need to have a top quality deodorant and use it as part of your daily grooming ritual. Combine that with a top of the line cologne and you’ll be putting your best foot forward. Try a solid cologne for something that you can conveniently carry when travelling.

Lip Balm

With the winter weather arriving you wan’t to remember to keep some lip balm on you. You never know when you'll give a kiss, and you wouldn't want to do so when your lips are all cracked and crispy. A pair of moistened lips are going to be more enticing to the ladies and this small detail can make or break your entire well-groomed package.

Hair Products

There is no substitute for quality and you wan’t the confidence of knowing that your product is not going to let you down. The last thing you want is to roll up somewhere important and your hair has taken on a life all of its own. Come in and talk to the team for a product that you can trust to hold your style throughout the day.

Face Wash

Especially if your face is prone to being oily, you should regularly use a face wash. Not only does it help keep your forehead's shine in control, but it'll also help you feel cool, depending on the face wash you use.

If you have any impurities clogging your face's pores, be sure to use exfoliating and scrubbing face washings. That way, your skin will be left clog-free, bright, and young-looking.


Staying well-groomed is part of being a modern man. Whether you're going out to work, on a date, or just down the street, grooming is essential for all situations. Other than building a positive reputation about yourself, you also enhance the fact that you care about looking good around other people. Visit us for a regular cut and shave and the rest is in your hands, make the effort and reap the rewards.