Barbershop Blog


June 14, 2021

This year’s Men’s Health Week brings the importance of social connections into focus and outlines the benefits of having a team around you when it matters most. The suicide statistics for Australians between the ages of 15 and 44 are disconcerting and sadly, men make up 75% of those numbers. Being socially connected can help men reach support early if something is wrong, prevent suicide and lead to better health all round.

Man Playing With Son

Firstly let’s look at team dynamics. A team is a group of people that are all working towards a common goal. By utilising the various strengths of its members, a team can collectively achieve far greater successes. Each of us have our own team but we can also play important roles in other peoples teams. During Men’s Health Week it is a good time to consider the network of people that makeup our team. It is also a time to reflect on how we impact other people and their teams.

Depending on what is happening in your life you’ll need certain people, services, and information on your team at different times. 

Here at Barber Industries we place an onus on having a strong team of barbers. A team that are here for each other and are here for our customers when needed too. The barbershop has long been a place where men can seek refuge from the hassles of the daily grind, a place for social discourse and a place to find a listening ear. When you consider who is on your team, remember to include your barber and some good old barbershop banter on that list.

Physical, mental, and social health are all interconnected. So, when it comes to maintaining all round good health, staying connected with your team can be more important than you think. Good teammates may be friends, family, sporting clubs, colleagues, doctors, trainers and of course the man behind the chair at the barbershop, your trusted barber.

Remember to check in with your team for this years Men’s Health Week (June 14th-20th) and be sure to provide support to any teammate who’s in need. If you’re not sure who’s on your team or where to turn to for help, you can contact online and phone support services like MensLine, LifeLine or HeadtoHealth, they can all be on your team.