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October 20, 2019

The hustle is in full swing at Barber Industries Charlestown, it is a Saturday morning and all the barber chairs are full as we sit down for a coffee and a catch up with Matt, the main man on the ground in Charlestown. The atmosphere in the shop is something special, it is the perfect blend of the old school and the new, the shop interior and decor sets the scene and the rowdy crowd of eager patrons fill the oversized leather couch and are poised ready to be called up for their grooming ritual.
Meet The Barber - Matt At Barber Industries CharlestownMeet The Barber - Matt At Barber Industries CharlestownMeet The Barber - Matt At Barber Industries Charlestown

There is a real warm and classic feeling to the barbershop, you guys have created something quite special here?

Yeah for sure, this is Barber Industries man, this is what we are, we are doing our thing, we have our unique look and style and you can see that at all the Barber Industries stores. That feeling you’re talking about is our culture, creating that feeling in our customers is what we strive for, making sure that when clients come to Charlestown Square and visit our barbershop, their experience will become that part of their routine that they savour and look forward to.

Can you tell us a little about your background and how long you have been in the barbershop game, also how long has Barber Industries been at Charlestown Square?

I have been a Barber for 17 years now, so a Master Barber for 12 years. We opened Barber Industries at Charlestown Square in July of 2017. When I was much younger I learnt my craft in Iran, the barbershops over there are real traditional, i am forever grateful for that experience and to have learnt my trade and my skills in that environment. There is a real extended level of service in the barbershop over there and we are now emulating that here at the shop in Charlestown, I am drawing on that culture and what I learnt early in my trade and we are delivering that same level of service here.

What motivates you and what do you love most about the Barbershop?

I am in the services industry, I am motivated to provide the highest level service to my customers, that, and also to keep developing the offering so that we can keep up with the changing needs of our customers. What do I love most about the Barbershop? I love the interaction, I love the days like today when the shop is bustling and everyone is in the groove, the customers are happy and that makes the team happy and then that makes me happy (Laughs). Actually Saturday is like family day around here, we get a lot of families on the weekends, mum and dad bring the kids in and the kids just love it, they look around the shop in awe and they get super excited. We do a lot of special cuts for the kids, they will have a photo on mum or dads phone with a hair style and a pattern that they have chosen. When they look in the mirror and see their own special hairstyle they are over the moon, it helps create that vibe that you see around here today.

There are a lot of other Barbershops around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie and yet the shop stays extremely busy, what do you attribute this strong following to and what separates the shop from the others.

We have our foundation and then a lot of strength in that we offer a wider range of services, we offer strait razor and hot towel shaves on top of great hair cuts. We cater to men with beards and we stock a wide range of products that are specific to mens grooming needs. That range is quite extensive and it consists of premium grade products, many of which are unique to our store in this area. We have a great team here and they are the most important thing, they are true professionals and they have so much experience between them. The staff have well established relationships with many of the customers and there are a lot of customers that will queue to see their favourite Barber. I think it comes back to the culture I mentioned before, its about the extras and the experience, that is what separates us.

Thanks Matt

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