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February 26, 2020

Our Barber Industries Concept Store is now open in Cannington Western Australia. The barbershop is located in the newly renovated Westfield Carousel and looks to be turning some heads. This month we have a quick Q&A to introduce the team on the ground and get some insights into the crews background and what they are bringing to the scene in Perth.

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Hey Abdul, new year and new Barbershop, exciting times, the new store looks amazing and judging by the hustle bustle it looks like ya’s have hit the ground running. The store has been open for almost two months, how has the support from the community been so far?

The following that we are gaining is nothing but exceptional, right from the day we opened back in early January we have had an overwhelming wave of support. The local community in and around Cannington have been amazing, it is really encouraging, we are building relationships and getting really positive feedback. The assistance from centre management here at Westfield Carousel has been great and the the other proprietors have been both inquisitive and welcoming, there are good things happening in and around the centre and it’s good to be on that momentum and to be apart of that.

Adam, You are heading up the team here in Perth, how long have you been in the barbershop game and can you tell us a little about the journey that brought you here as well as how things are going at the new store.

I have been a barber for sixteen years now. I started my career back in Iraq and I later continued working in Sydney and Newcastle before relocating to Perth. I am fortunate that I had really good mentors and a traditional type of training. That knowledge is now something that I can pass on to the younger guys within my own team. Everyone kind of develops their own style and over time they refine their technique but the fundamentals don’t change. I teach them to trust in the process and to first master the core of the craft, from that foundation they can go on to develop their own style and become more creative with their work. The team at the shop has come together to form into a really top crew and everyone is bringing their professionalism and good vibes along, it is all really positive, we have a good thing going on here.

Hi Jacob, Impressive looking barbershop, and it looks to be well received. Do you think the cut throat and hot towel shaves are adding that little bit extra and are those details really hitting the mark with the clientele?

Yeah man, I do, I think that side of things is a real point of difference, it is drawing some curiosity. As people pass bye they see the service and then they wan’t a slice of that for themselves. It creates a more relaxing and enjoyable experience and once the clients get on that level of satisfaction, they don’t think twice about coming back. I think the structure here offers something extra too, like we don’t do bookings, it’s roll up only, it’s kinda like the old school barbershop with a modern twist.

What motivates you and what do you love most about what you do?

It’s easy for me, my nan was a hairdresser so it’s in my blood line (hahaha). I like to keep really well presented and I enjoy the feeling that comes from that. I then go to work and create that feeling for others, it’s rewarding, I get great satisfaction from making people look and feel good about themselves, then it comes full circle and in turn it makes me feel good about myself. Making people feel good for a living, that’s enough motivation right there.

Hey Mohammed, what are the hairstyles being most requested and are you seeing any new trends emerging this year?

Every client is different, different tastes, different hair, different age groups. The old boys tend to stick with the classics and leave the more adventurous stuff to the younger ones. The skin fades are always popular but what does seem to be trendy at the moment is the ‘hawk’ or ‘mullet’ or even a combination of both these styles. Not that we get huge a number of requests for these styles but more that these are the alternative type of styles that are breaking up the norm.