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July 4, 2020

As a man, one of the most tedious and annoying procedures we undertake is the shaving of our facial hair. Yes there are some convenient tools like disposable razors and electric shavers, but despite the convenience of these methods, they remain second rate, the task remains an uncomfortable chore and the methods pale when compared to a traditional wet shave from a professional barber.
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A proper wet shave will come from a true master of his craft and whom will shave you using a straight razor. While lesser experienced men may think this an excessive step to take, those in the know how understand the difference. The sheer enjoyment of the service makes it worth the cost alone but the superior result is where the added value lays.
To cement this point further, here are three major reasons to get a traditional wet shave from our team of master barbers.

Truely Clean Shave

The biggest difference between the work of a guy with a disposable razor and a master barber with a straight razor lays in the sheer quality of your shave. It’s immediately noticeable how clean and smooth your face is after a professional’s work, especially when you compare it with what you’re used to. By taking on a traditional wet shave, you are getting the cleanest shave you’ll ever have in your lifetime.

Less Nicks & Cuts

Can you remember that first time shaving, the awkward hold on the razor, the feel of the cold blades on your skin, and the accidental slip? As you get older, you somewhat learn to avoid nicking and cutting your own face, but this still tends to happen, especially when you’re trying to get an extra shave out of a shitty blade. With a professional barber’s hand and a process that stems from a time honoured tradition, you will experience your closest ever shave without the nicks and cuts.

Avoid Ingrown Hair & Razor Burn

The best thing about having our barbers do a traditional wet shave for you is that there is close to a zero chance of you getting ingrown hairs or razor burn. One of the nuisances of shaving is the after-effects. Incorrect shaving, either by technique or by the materials used, can leave your face sore and even the slightest touch can hurt. A professional barber won’t just assure that your shave is insanely close, but they’ll also guarantee the least likelihood of developing ingrown hairs or razor burns.

Final Thoughts

A traditional wet shave may seem like a complicated procedure, which is why it’s best left in the hands of a professional barber. By opting for a shave on your next visit, you will be joining the ranks of men who understand the difference. You will learn that the experience is something that you can not create at home, and whether you make it a regular ritual or an occasional treat, we’re sure you will savour the experience and be back for more.