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November 25, 2020

We typically write a lot about our own retail products. That’s all the grooming essentials as well as a sophisticated range of shaving goods, fragrances and styling products for men. With Christmas fast approaching, we have decided to provide a guide for men on gifting to the woman in their lives instead.

As much as we wish we understood our ladies, men will inevitably have to continue with just wishing. Gifting for our important females is no easy task and gift shopping for Christmas can be the cause of a little retail anxiety at least and a dead set conundrum at worst. Let’s take a look at how a bloke can combat the season and nail the gifting for the girls this Christmas.

Don’t leave it to the last minute

The first and foremost thing to outline is that Christmas shopping belongs to the realm of elves and ladies. Try to avoid the peak silly season and get into the shops to get the business done early. If you do leave it to the last minute you will do so at your own peril.

Do your homework

A little detective work can help to uncover the perfect gift idea. For example, if your partner curses at her hairdryer every morning, then there is an opportunity there. Keep your eyes peeled and the perfect gift idea might come to light. Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions either, no need to be too obvious but you can poke around the subject. For example, when she curses the hairdryer, you may casually ask her “if it would be expensive to replace”. She will more than likely tell you all about the latest Dyson that she’d love without ever suspecting your motive.

Gift Vouchers

Don’t make the mistake of believing that a gift voucher is impersonal, gifting something that the recipient really doesn’t desire or have any personal need for is a worse case scenario in every instance. If your research hasn’t provided you with any answers then a gift voucher is a great solution. A Westfield Gift Card offers endless possibilities where as a voucher from a top salon like W-Hair Bar, ensures that they use the voucher on pampering themselves.

Motherly Advise

Somehow mothers are always in the know, and you can use this to your advantage. It works like this: when gifting to your daughters, ask advise from their mother. When gifting to your partner, turn to your mother in law. Gifting to your own mother, ask your grandmother. It is a pretty simple hierarchy right, always seek advise from one up on the chain of command and you’ll do alright.

Final Thoughts

In general, men love practical gifts, however, heed the warning: woman generally do not, they prefer pretty things. If you don’t wan’t to end up in the dog house, steer clear of pure utilitarian gifts for your partner . If your gifts make the recipient look good and feel good then you’ll be winning this Christmas.