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October 24, 2019

Ever floated the idea of growing a beard? Ever ran the idea past your partner? We’re not talking about the spindly bum fluff ya had on ya chin in high school either, nor the little grub you once grew on your top lip for Movember, more like the fully fledged face fur of a viking or a lumberjack, that type of thing, the real deal, something that Ned Kelly would be proud of.
How to Grow A Beard

So you’re ready to step up into the upper echelon of manhood and you wan’t to grow a beard, great,

because today we’re going to walk you through the process of how to grow the ultimate beard and become a true beard man.

The first step

in this tedious yet rewarding journey is to commit, somewhat like getting married, you need to lock yourself into the process until death do you part. There is a good chance you will cop some criticism and possibly even staunch La Résistance from your partner or family. It is important at this stage to stand by the path you have chosen and to let your inner manliness flourish and carry you forth on your quest.

A little planning ahead

can go a long way and the perfect time to get through the initial stages of beard growth is during a vacation from the workplace or while you’re on holidays. This is usually a time when you can let things get a little messy and without too much consequence either. Some blokes have the genetics to be growing thick and fast in days but most men need a week or more to start making any serious progress. The stubble phase can look rugged and tough as hell on some guys but usually it just looks rough and lazy, so whenever possible it is best to grow through this stage when you have some downtime scheduled.

The cruelty of the journey

usually kicks in at about the same time that you start to make any real progress. ‘The itch’ can get pretty extreme and will have you doubting your ability to continue, alas, you must soldier on and have faith in your ability, resist the itch and it will soon pass, as it does you will be propelled into the realm of the bearded man.

As your beard grows

you will find that it needs a level or care and maintenance to prevent it from getting wild, woolly and out of control. To keep the beast well tamed you should consider the daily use of a beard oil or beard balm after washing. Rub a small amount of oil or balm between your fingers and massage through the beard and down to the roots. Follow this with a brush or comb to keep the beard tangle free and tidy.

As your beard thickens

and lengthens you should be adjusting to the new found glory that your voluptuous beard is bringing and you can sit back, stroke your whiskers and be proud of your achievement. It is also about the time to visit your nearest Barber Industries for a beard trim and line up. You don’t wan’t to go and undo all your hard work so it is best to get in and see our team of Master Barbers, they can keep you looking and feeling your best as well as advise on the best practice and products to help your beard reach its full potential.