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June 6, 2020

Maintaining a thick and full head of hair may be harder for some people than others. Some people are more genetically prone to hair loss, but others can also be affected by stress, poor diet, and grooming habits. The short answer to making your hair look thick and full is keeping it nice and clean. Yet, the longer answer involves changes in particular habits, taking note of products, and even adding a few supplements on the side if needed.
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Whether you’re maintaining your appearance because you’re genetically more prone to hair loss or you’re just looking to up the ante in hair care,

here are some helpful tips to help you improve your discipline in self-grooming:

Practice gentle grooming

Most people often make the mistake of over grooming, as too much of a good thing is always harmful to you. Although using a brush can make for a sleek and clean look, it also slowly damages and limps your hair as it distributes oil faster compared to using your hands. Instead of relying on combs or brushes, choose instead to use your fingers to style your looks naturally.

Apply products in moderation

A wide variety of hair products are available in the market that can help you deal with thinning through styling. Some of these products are gels, waxes, and powders. For people who already have quite thinned hair, a volumizing powder or hair building fibre is an optimum choice.

Avoid harmful habits

Besides over grooming, there are also several habits that you should avoid if you want to keep your body healthy in battling against hair loss. Here are some practices to avoid:

Smoking: Studies show that smoking and hair loss have a dangerous relationship as smoking creates an imbalance in the follicular systems of your body, creating unnatural growth cycles.

Over exposure to sunlight: Excessive exposure to sunlight leading to sunburned scalps that can cause hair follicles to rush into the shedding phase.

Overuse of hair products: Using too much product can lead to the slow degradation of the natural quality of your scalp and hair.

Take the right vitamins

Besides topical products, you can also take in some helpful vitamin supplements to aid in preventing hair thinning, such as:

Vitamin B6: Helps in the creation of red blood cells that bring nutrients to your hair follicles.

Biotin: A popular supplement that aids both in hair and nail growth by improving your body’s keratin levels.

It’s best to take as much of these vitamins naturally through food and vegetables, but also to take in supplements in regular doses after consulting with your doctor.

Adapt to a stylish haircut

Most people’s response to balding and hair thinning is by attempting to cover it with long hair, but this is just a band-aid solution. Short and classy cuts make your thin hair look thicker and draws attention away from the thickness while adding layers to the dimension of your entire face. Barbers use strategic layering by adding and subtracting volume to tailor-fit to your specific head shape. Visit our team and ask their opinion on how to choose a cut that will match your preference based on practicality and style.