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November 26, 2020

Summer Downunder is all about the good vibes and good times. It’s fun in the sun and for a good part, it’s about getting the shirt off and getting into the water to beat the scorching heat. Coming out of a Covid-Winter and there seems to be a few extra kilos on the belly line of a lot of blokes. We all wan’t to feel good about getting the rig out for the summer splash down, so for those in need of a pick me up, we’re going to outline a few steps towards a summer body transformation for men.

Body Image - Mens Fitness

Now we’re not here to criticise anyones body image. However, we are well and truely into promoting healthy lifestyles and a healthy body image for all men. For many, this means making some changes, trying new things and taking the necessary step of moving away from bad habits.

New Food

We are what we eat and therefore one of the first and foremost things to address is diet. Covid has brought about a range of home delivery services and if you have been taking extra advantage of the that, then it is time to consider sticking to the healthy options or shopping up on fruit and vegetables. Try for five portions of fruits & vegetables a day and enjoy the seasonal produce like mangoes, berries and leafy greens.

New Routine

The price of Netflix shares sky rocketed once the Covid lockdowns came into play. Obviously because of the fact that we all forcibly become couch potatoes. If you’re still smashing series after series on the couch however, it’s time to change the routine, the belly rolls ain’t going nowhere without a little moving and shaking. Aim for some kind of exercise every day and at least twenty minutes of intense exercise three times a week. With the warmer weather, remember to drink enough water to stay hydrated.

New Style

Although the barbershop has been open right through the year, it’s crazy the amount of blokes getting about like they just spent a nuclear winter in an underground bunker. Take note that we have extra health and safety measures in place, including temperature checks for all staff and customers. No need to be hacking your own hair at home or going without a fresh hairstyle, plus keeping a fresh haircut will more than compliment these other transformation efforts.

New Habits

It’s all about new so far isn’t it?, and no different when it comes to those unsavoury lifestyle choices like drinking too much booze or smoking a pack of durries a day. There is no better time than the present to try and kick the habits and get a new outlook. Replace the ciggies with anything that won’t give you lung cancer and if you enjoy a cold beer, aim for moderation.

Final Thoughts

This might seem like a fairly concise list, and it is, because more often than not, it only takes small adjustments and consistent effort to gain solid results. You’ll need to go a little harder if you expect to be looking like the latest version of Chris Hemsworth, for everyone else, stick to your guns and enjoy the positive change.