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July 15, 2021

If not every week, our hot towel shave is an experience that every man should enjoy at least once in his lifetime. It is a service that has been perfected over time and delivered by our master barbers using products from the finest barbershop only brands. Read on as we explain in detail what makes our traditional hot towel shave so damn good.

Traditional barbershop shaving techniques Traditional barbershop shaving techniques Traditional barbershop shaving techniques Traditional barbershop shaving techniques
What is a traditional hot towel shave?

A hot towel shave is a traditional shaving technique that allows for a super close shave with very little irritation, even for men with sensitive skin.  

What's The Process?

The process starts with the barber covering your face and neck with a hot towel. The heat and moisture from the hot towel swell and soften the beard, open pores and relax the skin. This process helps to prepare the skin for the rigours of the razor and exposes more of the hair follicle which results in an amazingly close, irritation-free shaving experience.

Next, the barber will prepare a soap lather and apply it with a traditional shaving brush, continuing the process of lifting and softening the hair. The soap lather acts as a lubrication between your skin and the sharp blade.

While you lay back comfortably in the chair, the barber will use a traditional straight razor to skilfully shave you. 

A towel is again used to wipe away any residues and help soothe the skin. The process is completed with an after shave balm that will leave your skin feeling moisturised, soft and refreshed.

What Makes It So Damn good?

The shaving experience at Barber Industries is a service crafted with only the finest barbershop only products and has been perfected over time by our team of master barbers. Every stage of this service feels simply amazing. From the moment the barber wraps the hot towel around your face and leaves you to relax with yourself and your thoughts, through to the post-shave balm that will have you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Everything about this process makes you feel like royalty, you will savour every minute of it every time you visit.