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January 20, 2021

Whether you're preparing your young fella for their first day of school or they're simply continuing into another year, here is a quick and handy checklist to help ensure that they hit the ground running and you can rest assured that you have all the important things covered for the new school year.
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Get Yourself Prepared

Let your confidence become theirs. For those parents whose children will be attending school for the first time, it can be a big step for yourselves as well as your children. By planning your own approach and getting yourself into a good mindset, you can create a positive and confident vibe that can be felt by and transferred through to your children, helping them with their own confidence.

Make A Resource List

For all those boys moving up a year, sit down and talk about the important things that they need for the new school year. Having the right resources will enable their proper development and help them along their learning journey. Setting them up with the right tools is vital but some fresh school kit can also help with motivation and get them into the new year on the right track. Boys entering adolescence might be at the age to start using deodorant or even shaving. This can be a good time and opportunity to make suggestions while also making the necessary products and equipment available to them.

Fresh Hairstyle

It goes without saying that you should bring the boys into the barbershop for a fresh crop for the new school year. This will have them looking good, feeling good and will help to build their confidence as a result. Attending school doesn’t mean that they need to have boring hair either, yes some schools have rules in place but there are always plenty of ways to create individuality and a hairstyle that compliments their personality. One word of advise from the barber is that shorter hairstyles are quicker and easier to style in the morning and can hold throughout the day, especially with all the rough and tumble playtime that is typical with boys at school.

The Grooming Kit

When the boys leave the barbershop with their fresh cuts they’ll be looking smart and sharp as a razor. They will however be wanting to recreate that look before they head out the door to school every morning. The good news is that we sell all the products that we use in the barbershop. We have the best barbershop only brands and a full range of pomades, pastes, clays, texturising powders, deodorants, colognes, pretty much all the things that boys need in their grooming kit. The staff can advise on what products are used to create your child’s particular hairstyle and you’ll find everything they need on our retail shelves.