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October 16, 2020

So you have ditched the daily shave and decided to grow out your beard. Many blokes will choose to go down that path because it seems an easier option. However, growing and maintaining a legitimate beard takes effort, regular grooming and a little know how. An all too common question that is raised in the barbershop is - “what’s the difference between a beard oil and a beard balm?”

Flat Lay with beard oil, beard balm, beard comb and brush.

Take one look at the products shelf and it quickly becomes evident that there are many different beard products to choose from. Many products of the same variety claim to serve different purposes and provide wildly different results. The hardest thing as a customer is knowing which product to pick amongst several that have a very similar effect on the hair.

Beard oil and beard balm both moisturise your beard but which product is the right choice for you?

Beard Oil

Starting with the most fundamental of the beard grooming utilities. Beard oils are generally recommended for all types of beards and for all stages of growth. For newly developing beards, the oil can help to soothe the itch that is synonymous with growing through the early stages.

The lucidness of beard oil means that it can very quickly be worked through a shorter beard where it can start to moisturise the hair and hydrate the face. The appearance of beard oil on the beard may seem subtle but it offers a silky smooth finish without the bulking of heavier products.

The antibacterial and moisturising properties of beard oil also work wonders on longer beards. A good beard brush will assist in evenly distributing the beard oil through the long growth. Ensure that the oil gets in underneath to help alleviate any dry or flaky skin.

Beard oils are best suited to short or medium beards and offer little to no styling hold.

Beard Balm

Beard balms have a much higher viscosity than beard oils. This thick texture leads to longer absorption times and the products tending to coat the beard and skin for longer periods. This coating can provide some extra shine as well as helping to make your beard appear fuller and thicker which is exceptional for big luxurious beards.

Another functionality of beard balms is that they generally provide enough hold to help you control flyaway whiskers and let you brush down those stubborn hairs into a clean and decent style.

Beard balms are best suited to medium or long beard lengths and offers a little hold for styling.

Can I Use Both?

If you're reading this and wondering “Can I use both?” the answer is yes and you can even apply beard oil and beard balm at the same time if that’s what floats your boat. Each offers unique benefits and the trick to getting the best out of both products is in being conservative. It is easy to overdo it so use each in appropriate amounts while obtaining your grooming goals. Try using a small amount of product and then working in more if needed.

If you have any difficulty in settling on one product over the other, we recommend purchasing both. That way your options are open and you will always have the right tools to address your grooming needs. We stock the world’s leading brands and our knowledgable staff are always here if you have any further questions.