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February 1, 2020

It might be happening relatively slow and it might have taken on some more creative and contemporary forms along the way but there is no doubting that ‘the mullet’ is on the comeback. Slowly but surely it’s creeping back onto the scene and with every brave adopter the old mullet’s resurgence gains a little more momentum.

Mullet HairstyleMullet HairstyleMullet Hairstyle

Once referred to as business in the front and a party in the back,

the mullet was a popular hairstyle in the 70’s and 80’s. Somewhere along the way in the 90’s, the popularity of the style began to wane and the mullet became an object of ridicule.

The name ‘mullet’ is derived from the term ‘mullet head’ which is an old derogatory term for an idiot. The Beastie Boys popularised the term in the lyrics of their 1994 song which was titled Mullet Head.

Jump forward to today and in the latest Cutthroat Journal, Maya Thevar writes about the latest trends and hot topics in men’s culture and barbering. Within her article titled “Mullet Has Entered The Chat” she talks about the mullet come back and quotes research by Baxter of California which states that “the mullet is the second most popular hairstyle of 2019.”

One of the driving forces behind the mullet’s new fashionability is coming from barbers who are experimenting with the style. Barbers are blending techniques and creating new variants, it is an evolution that puts a modern day twist on the old classic and it makes it much more palatable for today. The more noticeable shift has been towards shorter versions of the style, one popular development being a skin fade on the sides and a transition into various length at the back.

If you’re not convinced and you need further proof that the mullet is on the road back, look no further that then ‘Mulletfest’. This is an annual mullet competition that is held in Kurri Kurri NSW and is now entering its third year. The competition has an international following and gets media coverage as far abroad as Russia, The UK and Croatia.

Even though there is quite a resurgence of sorts, the old stigma that is associated wth the hair style still remains, it takes a brave man to wear a mullet and it remains to be a style for the more rebellious and alternative types.

Looking forward and the question at hand seem to be whether or not the rise of the mullet will continue through 2020. Will it die a second death or will we see even more creative takes and twists on the old classic? Will the mullet evolve into a mainstream trend or will it remain one for the dissidents and renegades on the fringes of society? Only time will tell.