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July 15, 2020

In today’s age, where different types of information can be found in various corners of the Internet, you will almost always run into rumours or speculations that challenge scientific truth. Hair myths are just as easy to find with the various sources that claim that they’re real. This ‘Fake News’ is why you should know when to be doubtful of the things that you read on the internet. Today we will debunk four popular and inaccurate hair myths from across the Internet.

The best barbers in Sydney break down some hair mythsHair myths debunked by Sydney's best barbersbreaking down the myths with Richmond's best barbers

The danger in believing hair myths is that they sometimes recommend practices and products that can be harmful to your hair. Knowing how to seperate what is real from that which is fiction will allow you to keep your hair safe from suffering an embarrassing mistake at best and irreparable damages at worst.

“Hair can be trained to have a new texture.”

Practices such as constant styling, blow-drying, and combing will not force your hair to grow in a certain way. Your hair follicles determine your hair’s growth patterns. This means that people who want to grow their hair to a different texture can’t force it through repeated treatments.

Changing one’s hair from straight to curly or vice-versa is impossible without using treatments, which is why people need to re-do their hair treatments to keep the consistency of the look that they want.

“Shaving increases hair thickness and growth.”

This cannot be the case because hair cannot send signals to your bodies’ receptors. Hair is primarily composed of proteins and keratin, which means that it can grow on its own without communicating with the rest of your body. Some people, however, believe that regularly shaving their hair causes faster hair growth.

The root of the myth may have come from the reality that our hair typically grows thicker as we grow older. Since most of us develop facial hair after puberty, some people may have connected shaving their newly grown hair as a sign of thicker hair growth.

“Special shampoo products can encourage hair growth.”

Shampoo products that claim to help hair grow faster are false. Hair grows at a consistent rate and at around half an inch every month, regardless of your shampoo-using habits. On the other hand, there are shampoo formulas that make the hair appear thicker. This occurs through the swelling of hair follicles, which the shampoo’s solutions will then condition to prevent breakage.

You should be wary about purchasing products that promise hair growth as it may contain chemicals that actually harm your hair and scalp. Until today, there are no scientific proofs that taking vitamin supplements and massaging one’s scalp can help in faster hair growth.

“Plucking grey hair will result in many more growing back.”

Your hair colour comes from melanocytes’ creation of pigments in the hair follicles. Depending on the body’s biological composition or age, the melanocytes will stop producing the pigment that creates your body’s natural hair colour. Grey hair is actually transparent because it lacks pigments but maintains its grey shade because of the presence of dead cells inside the hair strand.

Plucking out your grey hair strands does not affect your melanocytes’ production of pigments in your other hair follicles, so it neither affects nor prevents the presence of grey hair. To fight the appearance of grey hair strands you could adopt a style that reduces the greys appearance, or you may embrace it and wear them proud like certification of your wisdom.

In Conclusion

You should avoid products and practices that promise miraculous results in keeping your hair alive and growing. Similarly, make sure to avoid following hair practices that have no scientific backing as it can lead to irreparable damage in the long run.

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Ditch the ‘Fake News’ and make sure that you use only the best hair care products for your grooming routine.