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June 7, 2020

The idea of a safe space is one that can vary depending on what situation men are in, where they want to go, or what they’re trying to escape from. Some men might see their kitchens as a safe space, while others seek refuge in a pub sipping away their worries. Yet, the traditional barbershop has always been an area where men can enter in their time of grooming needs but also find that sacred space that is truly theirs.

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Why our traditional barbershops are a safe space for Australian men

For centuries, barbershops have been around to serve as a common area where men can seek isolation from daily life.

Our traditional barbershops in particular, act as a home away from home for most men who can make new friends, air out their problems, learn new things, discuss politics, and transform themselves into better people.

When it comes to finding the common denominator that keeps men coming on the regular, some of them may say that it’s the sense of community and openness of the entire space itself. As opposed to parlours and hair salons where it’s easy to feel out of place, our barbershops offer an environment where men can feel a sense of belonging and brotherhood.

Why our barbershop environment is unlike any other?

We create a desirable environment for men and we do that at stores from east to west across Australia. Men can make their escape and treat themselves by relaxing in a much manlier environment. We offer a modern delivery of age old customs and techniques and this serves the appetite of the modern man and his grooming needs.

Now available across Australia

Thanks to the ever increasing demand for our unique concept and services, we have grown into one of Australia’s most recognisable barbershop groups. We now have stores on both the east and west coasts and have plans for new stores to help serve the needs of more men while giving them a chance to transform themselves into more confident people.

Regardless of whether you’re here in Richmond or out and about in, Miranda or Roselands, there is a Barber Industries that’s ready to offer you your escape and fulfil your grooming needs. You can now find our traditional barbershops in Parramatta, Prestons, Wollongong, Miranda, Charlestown, Kotara, Richmond, Maitland, Roselands, Orange, and Cannington!

Dedicated to providing bespoke services

As opposed to a regular hair salon or a standard barbershop that just gives you a haircut and wraps it up right away, our master barbers are like a team of artisans whom take a more personal approach. By taking the time to study the style of every person that sits in their chair, they take each cut, stroke, and shave with utmost care to ensure a custom treatment every time. The attention to detail and the styling to finish the service provides the satisfaction that our clients have come to expect, they always leave looking and feeling the best version of themselves.

Premium products

Another factor that makes us a stand out and be so unique in the first place is that we don’t only provide premium services and a top-tier environment, but we only use high-quality products for every customer we service. We use the finest shaving creams, beard oils, and all other types of men’s grooming and styling products, only the best products and care possible at every session!

Come see us

Come and see us here at Barber Industries Richmond, we are conveniently located at Shop 26 in Richmond Marketplace.

We offer a one-of-a-kind grooming and care experience that any man can seek refuge and take comfort in.