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January 28, 2021

We know that Valentines Day is about as far from front and centre as you can possibly get in most blokes minds. That is why we’re here to remind you of it’s fast approach and to help you not only survive this year but to outline how you can reap the rewards from a little giving too.
A man's guide to Valentines Day
1. Don’t Buy Roses

Roses are red… and overpriced. There exists no bigger price gouge than roses on Valentines Day. The only thing you’ll get from buying her roses is a massive dint in your hip pocket. Save your hard earned cash and follow the rest of our guide for the most rewarding Valentines a man can get. 

2. Buy Here Chocolates

If you think that giving chocolates on Valentines Day is cliché then you best be thinking again. Chocolate is the one true way into a woman’s heavily guarded heart. Be generous and she will likely share more than just her chocolates with you.

3. Ignore Her

Yes, you read that right, ignore her but only when she says she doesn’t want you to get her a gift. Of course she wants you to get her a gift, it’s a trick man, don’t be foolish. Think ahead and get yourself in her good books for step six.

4. Buy Yourself A Gift

Well, not literally but subtly, think elegant underthings from the lingerie shop for her. Yes indeed, and by now you’re no doubt realising that this doesn’t need to be just about her. With her new lace she will be feeling sexy and confident for long after just Valentines Day too.

6. Get Yourself A Treatment

No, not a facial, we’re talking about a man’s treatment here, a trip to the barbershop for a clean haircut and a line up or shave. You will be feeling good, looking sharp as a razor and she won’t believe how organised and ready you are this Valentine’s Day.

6. A Weekend Getaway

The ultimate spoil yourself while spoiling her. Go hard, it’s a definite win win for both parties. If you have followed this guide thus far, this is where all the elements come together for the grand finale. Make sure sure that you pack the chocolates and her presents, throw in a nice dinner out somewhere and then kick back, relax and reap the rewards of your efforts.

Happy Valentines Day Gentleman