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October 27, 2019

We all love that feeling that we get when we walk out of the Barbershop with a fresh new hair cut and style. The Barber has meticulously styled up our locks and we look damn good, the trouble for a many of us is in recreating that same look at a later date. Today we take a look at how to style an easy brush up like the pro’s do.

Hair Styling Techniques - A How to GuideHair Styling Techniques - A How to GuideHair Styling Techniques - A How to GuideHair Styling Techniques - A How to Guide

Assuming you have recently had your hair cut or trimmed into a relevant style, you should start by washing and drying your hair.

Use a blow dryer to finish drying the hair and a quiff roller to brush some heights in as you shape your style.

Select your favourite styling product, we chose Layrite Deluxe Superhold Pomade.

Scoop a generous amount of product with your finger and then rub between your hands to coat your palms and fingers.

Rub onto your hair and work through with strokes from back to front before running your fingers through the fringe from front to back.

Style into your desired look, we went for an easy brush up and used a styling comb to apply some ribs and texture.

Set the look with hairspray for a greater hold and to ensure longevity throughout the day, we used 18.21 Man Made Premium Hair Spray.

Get yourself fresh and ready to hit street with a cologne, we applied Lime Sec by Pinaud.