Barbershop Blog


October 18, 2020

In so many facets of our lives today, we are getting back to basics and reverting to the tried and tested methods of doing things like long before. It seems that we have learnt to see through the waves of marketing jargon and are simplifying things wherever we can. We know what is good for us, we are stripping things back and we are choosing the right way of doing things over convenience. Unprocessed fresh foods, artisan sourdough and traditional wet shaving are the type of things that have made their way back onto the scene. Let’s break down the main aspects of the traditional shave and outline why it’s still the best.

Barber Applying Shaving Cream To Customer Face
Heat & Moisture

Getting some moisture involved is the foundation of a good shave, that’s why you’ll often hear the term traditional ‘wet’ shave. It softens your beard and lubricates your pores. Heat helps to raise the follicles for a close shave and therefor shaving straight after a hot shower is ideal. A hot moist towel will works wonders and that is how we prepare in the barbershop. Moisture is added again with water used to prepare the lather, soaking the brush beforehand will help you to whip up a nice rich mix.

Soap & Cream

Quality is the only thing that matters here, a preference for soap or cream doesn’t change too much for most blokes. The sensitive skin types will need to more closely consider their choices and may need products with added extracts that offer superior protection to the skin. For the timeless method, grab a Proraso soap, a firm brush and get whipping.

Shaving Brush

A softer brush works well for cream and a firm brush helps to lift the soap up and form the lather without excessive effort. When it comes to the make of your brush, there really is too many choices with boar hair, horse hair, and badger hair the most common natural fibres. The benefit of using a shaving brush is in the gentle exfoliation and the ability to work the lather into your hair follicles, which will further lift them away from your skin for a closer shave.

Straight Razor

As long as it is sharp, a single blade gives the ultimate shave and it is far less irritating than anything you’ll find at the supermarket. Yes you can get a razor with five blades in it, however, this truely isn’t necessary and it will not compare to the classic straight razor. One of those instances where less is more. Most blokes find that simplifying things down to one single blade helps to relieve irritation and obtain a much closer finish.


The final piece of the puzzle is patience and practice. It takes time to learn this age old traditional craft and to master the right techniques. When you do have it down to a tee, don’t forget to soothe and close your pores with a nice aftershave. If you’re not quite ready to go it alone, come in and see the team for your next shave, it’s an experience like none other. Kicking back in the barber chair and enjoying the service is something that you can not recreate at home.