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August 2, 2020

Opting to grow out your long locks can be daunting if you’ve never braved that space before. Growing through the different stages of length can also be very challenging, especially if you’re not used to maintaining longer hairstyles. Long hair is not for all of us and some blokes suffer from irregular hair growth patterns, which make it difficult for them to grow not only a thick head of hair but also a beard.
Tips & Tricks from Sydney's Best BarbersTips & Tricks from Sydney's Best BarbersTips & Tricks from Sydney's Best BarbersTips & Tricks from Sydney's Best Barbers

For those who up for the challenge, today we outline some grooming tips that will help your hair grow thick and strong and hopefully help you along the journey towards your long hair goals.

One of the most difficult things about growing long hair is battling through the different stages, especially when your hair is still quite short. At this early stage it can easily look like you’re neglecting yourself and your hair is just growing out all wildly. The best way through this period is to keep your hair clean and styled so it doesn’t look messy and unkept. If you’re serious about getting to the end game you must resist the urge to cut it short, a visit for a trim up is highly recommended.

For those who can no longer grow it long on top, growing a beard is an excellent way to divert attention away from your scalp. If you’re growing a beard, you need to be cautious about maintaining your face’s moisture levels. Make sure that you purchase the right products like beard balm and beard wash for your beard throughout its growing process. Visit the barbershop for a beard trim and a line up so that your beard shape can be developed along the growing journey.

To give your body more of what it needs during the growing process, you can take a biotin supplement as part of your diet. Research shows that biotin can improve your body’s production of keratin which is a protein that aids in the development of nails and hair. Also, don’t forget to hydrate your body to make sure that your hair follicles don’t become thin and brittle.

Regardless if you’re growing on your head or your face you should avoid using too much shampoo, but remember to apply conditioner so that your body’s natural oils can boost your hair’s growth.

The hands down best advise that we can give for dealing with the challenges of long hair growth is to talk to the experts. Prepare yourself with the right tools and habits so that you can achieve your goals. We stock a wide range of hair and beard products for men and our team of master barbers have all the right advise. If you have any further questions, come in and see the team on the ground floor in Westfield Parramatta, we’re open seven days.