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July 1, 2020

In the eyes of many, having a viking worthy beard is the hallmark of being a man. For many blokes a good facial growth seems too hard to manage and they abandon their beard goals along with the itch and irritation. Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair needs some tender love and care. Regular grooming is essential and and an occasional trim is ideal.
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With a little education and some efforts to soften your beard, you can be growing without any itch or discomfort and be well on your way to long and healthy beard growth. You need to lay the foundations for good growth and part of having a great beard is taking care of it, but how do you do that?

Beard Wash

No matter how much you've grown your beard, you should regularly wash it thoroughly with a quality beard wash, this is imperative for healthy skin and pores below the hair. Any clogging of pores may lead to irritation or painful outbreaks. While you might skip washing your beard every day or two as you would with your hair, know that you should be washing the beard every single day. Just be sure to be using a shampoo or beard wash that's been made explicitly for the beard. We recommend Proraso's Beard Washes, they will help to cleanse your beard, moisturise the skin and leave it smelling awesome! A perfect choice for your daily beard care routine.

Beard Oils

No matter what time of day it is, applying some oil to your beard not only helps keeps it soft and lush, but it also hydrates the skin beneath the beard, keeping it free from possible irritation. With so many oils in the market today, each with different types of base oils blended, you can play around to find the one that works best with you, keeping your beard soft and even smelling good with the addition of perfumes. If you can’t get your hands on a good oil you can try olive oil as an alternative. It will help to keep your beard nice and soft, but it'll also stimulate growth thanks to the Vitamin E nutrients.

Beard Balm

Once you have established a good length on manly growth, you will no doubt be planning to style your beard a little, just like using wax, clay, or other products on your hair, you should be using a beard balm for your beard. The great thing about beard balm is that it helps keep any crazy flyaways in check and adds hold to allow you to style it the way you want. Not only does the balm provide you with that hold you need for styling, it also moisturises to keep it soft.

Beard Joy

If you're tired of a scraggly, itchy beard, or thinking about growing one this winter, it is time to get in and talk to our team, we have the best barbers in Parramatta on hand to help. We have a wide range of men’s grooming products and a good selection of beard oils, beard wash and beard balms. With the right steps you'll be able to enjoy the growing experience and along with that comfort you will be looking sharp, sleek, handsome and smelling good.