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August 26, 2019

There is a lot happening in Parramatta with festivals, farmers markets and exhibitions all on the calendar this month. Amongst all that action it is business as usual at Barber Industries. We have a catch up with Huss, the main man on the ground in the Barbershop and find out what keeps things ticking for him and the team.
Parramatta's Best BarbersParramatta's Best BarbersParramatta's Best Barbers
How long have you been in the Barbershop game and how long have you been at Barber Industries Parramatta?

I have been working professionally for 11 years now, firstly in Lebanon and then here in Australia. I have been with Barber Industries since its inception in 2015, how the time flies.

Can you tell us a little about your training and your time working in Lebanon?

Sure thing, actually when I was a young boy of only six or seven years, I would walk past the local barbershop with my mother, and even back then I would tell her that this is what I wanted to do, I wanted to be a barber and I wanted to have my own barbershop. When I saw those barbers performing the haircuts I had this special feeling inside me, I knew I wanted to be one of these men. The barbershop is a real social powerhouse over there, (Lebanon) and is still real traditional, it is a place to gather and a place for social discourse but more importantly, it is a great place to learn the craft. I had really good tuition and mentorship and I am forever grateful that. When I came to Australia I quickly learnt that my skill set was in high demand and that really helped to make that transition unfold smoothly.

What motivates you and what do you love most about what you do?

To be honest my biggest motivation comes from my family, I wan’t to be a good role model for my children and lay down a good foundation for them. I learnt a lot from my dad, he had a great work ethic and I wan’t to pass that on. What I love most about what I do, well, the relationships are a big part of the satisfaction, we have built up a loyal following and it’s rewarding to see the familiar faces coming in, we get to know the clients and their stories and that’s a real good thing, it creates a real positive environment and that’s a good space to be working in.

I think you just answered my next question already but here goes: There are a lot of options when it comes to Barbershops in Parramatta and yet the shop gets extremely busy, what do you attribute this strong following to?

Hahahah, yeah, I would attribute a big part of that to the atmosphere of the barbershop, but also to the team and their skills. There are a lot of barbershops in Parramatta but that doesn’t mean there are a lot of good barbers. We have a great team and the correlation between a busy barbershop and their skills is quite direct. We have an impeccably well trained team and they are the movers and shakers behind the hustle on a busy Saturday.

Lastly, what’s popular at the moment, what are the styles that are on trend and do you see any new and emerging trends?

The line up is big at the moment, by that I mean the hard lines defining the fringe and sideburns, real strait razor work across the forehead and down the sides. It’s big with some of the sports stars who keep short hair, like the NRL guys, so we’re seeing that request coming more and more. As for emerging styles, the young ones are definitely more adventurous and make more obscure requests. They wan’t to wear their hair as something that helps define them as an individual, so they are opting for patterns, lines and accents, things that are one of a kind and can help them stand out amongst their piers.