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February 25, 2021

Barber Industries is excited to have opened another barbershop in the Lake Macquarie region and today we have a quick Q&A catch up with the man behind the chair at the new location in Morisset Square. Introducing Master Barber and all round good guy Ammar Al-Husseinawi. With over a decade of experience on the tools, Ammar is heading up a sophisticated and talented team of barbers. Come in and meet the crew, now open seven days a week at Morisset Square.

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There is a very classical and old school look about this barbershop. You guys have created something quite special here, how has it been received by the local community so far?

The response from the Morisset community has been amazing. Morisset has such a sense of community and I've met so many friendly and happy people so far. People have expressed that the community has been lacking a traditional old school style barbershop and I can only hope that they feel as welcomed coming in for a haircut as they have made me feel in opening my business here.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background working as a barber?

I have been barbering for nearly 12 years now and still have the same passion as I did when I started. Following after my uncles, and cousins I began to excel my skills at a young age and now hold an extremely high standard of service to everyone that I cut. 

What motivates you and what do you love most about working as barber?

What motivates me is my love for my work and the people that I cut. Getting to meet and chat to several different people daily and have them leave feeling better than they did when they came in is so important to me and makes me love what I do more and more each day.

What's on-trend with hairstyles at the moment? There always seems to be constant change, what do you see as the recent developments.

The most popular style at the moment would definitely be skin fades, with more than half of my customers asking for a fade. These particular haircuts are done with a great deal of patience and a great eye for detail and always look fresh. 


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