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December 14, 2022

When it comes to Christmas gift shopping for ladies, the blokes have got it relatively easy as most woman will make damn sure that you know exactly what they want and will do so well beforehand. Shopping for men on the other hand is not always as easy. Blokes are vague at best and have no idea what they want or need the rest of the time. What is for sure is that Christmas gift shopping for the men of the house is hassle free and full of the best choices going at Barber Industries Morisset Square.

Christmas Gift Shopping At Barber Industries Morisset Square

Let’s get this article started with the fact that men are a lot less forthcoming when it comes to letting people know what they would appreciate in their stocking for Christmas.

The other point to make is that men like the finest quality when it comes to their tools and the same must be said for their personal grooming equipment.

This why why Christmas shopping at Barber Industries Morisset is the wisest choice when it comes to gift shopping for men of all ages.

Gaze your eyes over our retail shelves and you’ll see the very finest in grooming tools and products from the leading barbershop only brands. 

Barbershop products - Morisset Square

Traditional cut throat razors and shaving sets are a prestige gift and are perfect for the gentlemen of the house. A fine Cologne, shampoo, conditioner, body wash or after shave will make for a solid gift pack or stocking filler. A hair styling powder or puck of styling product will enable the young bucks to re-create that barbershop hair style at home and will have them dropping their Tik Tok clips while looking sharp as a razor.

Range of men's gifts for Christmas - Morisett Barber

Go on, spoil them young and old from our long list of Christmas gifts! 

Stay safe over the holidays, enjoy the festivities and we look forward to seeing everyone back in the barbers chair here at Barber Industries Morisset Square soon. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of the team.


With the cold of winter here, have you considered growing a beard but don’t know where to start? Granted it's not for every man and for some it just seems too difficult to be bothered with. But fear not because it really isn't that complicated and in this article, we will provide a super simple and easy, five step guide on how to grow your beard and achieve the look that you desire.

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For men who are balding, it can be difficult to come to terms with the reality of losing their hair. There are limited options for hair styles, and it can be frustrating to try and make your hair appear fuller. One of the best solutions is to embrace the balding and opt for a clean razor shaved head instead. In this article, we will discuss how the razor shave can be a great option and provide a few helpful tips to boot.

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For many men, the barbershop provides a space for open discussion without fear of judgement or criticism. The benefits of dialogue in this kind of setting are often overlooked but can actually help in preventing mental health issues and even suicide. While a barbershop visit may just seem like part of your routine, it can actually be a life-saving event!

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The men’s hair styling space is chock a block full of products and it can be quite overwhelming for most blokes. It can be extremely hard to know what products are needed to achieve your styling goals and there are some handy gems that often go unnoticed too. In today’s article we take a look at grooming sprays, a multipurpose range of goodies with a use case for most men.

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and we reckon that dads deserve nothing but the best on their one special day of the year. It’s no secret that mums get a better rub of the spoils on Mother’s Day than dads generally do on Father’s Day. So, make this year different, get into Barber Industries Morisset and shop for the finest gifts to spoil dad rotten with this September.

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Winter has well and truly hit for the year! The wind is freezing cold and they’re talking the best start to the snow season in 20+ years. Sound like a good time to grow your beard? Well, on that note, we’d like to introduce Beard Season, an Australian non-profit charity run by Skin Check Champions.

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Dandruff is a common scalp concern however it can also form in your beard. Both forms are caused by the same things. The only main difference between the two is the way in which they are managed. Avoiding beard-ruff and maintaining a healthy beard requires a few easy steps and a proper grooming routine.

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Pre school aged boys tend to be some of the wildest when it comes to choosing their hairstyle at the barbershop. When they hit that post toddler age and are presented with the opportunity to start making some decisions for themselves, they seldom hold back. They often make bold choices and learn some valuable life lessons along the way.

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Movember has arrived for another season and for those who are unaware, Movember is a movement that is primarily about growing a moustache in a bid to raise awareness and to raise funds for much needed research into men's health. Let’s take a closer look at this charity/foundation and outline the ways in which you can get involved to help make a difference.

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There was a point in time when a man almost always enjoyed his shave at the barbershop. Unfortunately, with the emergence of the disposable razor, those glory days of grooming indulgence were replaced with the chore of home shaving. Luckily, over time, the barbershop shave has reemerged as a modern day indulgence for men. Today we look at why the popularity of the barbershop shave has come full circle and why more and more men are kicking back in the barber’s chair to enjoy one of life’s little grooming luxuries.

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Barber Industries is excited to have opened another barbershop in the Lake Macquarie region and today we have a quick Q&A catch up with the man behind the chair at the new location in Morisset Square. Introducing Master Barber and all round good guy Ammar Al-Husseinawi. With over a decade of experience on the tools, Ammar is heading up a sophisticated and talented team of barbers. Come in and meet the crew, now open seven days a week at Morisset Square.

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