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March 11, 2021

In today’s fast paced, cut throat world, first impressions have never been more important. The way in which a man presents himself can make or break the deal in so many situations. One way to put your best foot forward and stay in front of the pack is with a freshly cut, clean and contemporary hairstyle. Finding a barber that can always deliver is imperative and at Barber Industries Cameron Park we’ve got your back.

Lake Macquarie's Best BarbersLake Macquarie's Best BarbersThe best barbers in Lake MacquarieLake Macquarie's Best BarbersThe best barbers in Lake Macquarie

Not everyones needs and expectations are the same when walking into a barbershop. There are some men who are satisfied with a trim that is cut quickly, while others endeavour to find the best barbershop service that money can buy. Those on the hunt for the best will quickly discover that not all barbers are made equal.

Today we outline some of the facts that can help you to understand what makes the Barber Industries team the best barbers that you will find in all of Lake Macquarie.

Hairdressers are not barbers

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a ‘hair salon’ is the same thing as a barbershop. Sometimes the term gets thrown around instead of “barbershop” and they are sometimes mistaken to be one and the same. The reality of this is quite the contrary and they are intrinsically different things. The staff at hair salons have been trained to primarily service the needs woman, they do not have the same training as a barber and should not be mistaken as barbers who primarily service the needs of men.

Legitimate barbers for legitimate men 

Our team of master barbers are specially trained to service the needs of the modern man. This extends their skills well beyond just haircuts and into a complete range of grooming services. This includes traditional cut throat shaves, beard trimming, beard sculpting and an advanced knowledge of the products used to keep men looking and feeling their best. These barbershop services must be delivered from the hands of a highly skilled and experienced barber. This higher education in mens grooming is absent from hair salons and unfortunately many barbershops. 

If you wan’t to experience a legitimate men’s grooming service then you need to come to a legitimate men’s barbershop.

Giving the right advise

The men of today want autonomy, they wan’t to be unique and they want to take ownership of their style. In saying that, not everyone can achieve the same look. Different hairstyles will work better in hair with specific properties. To serve you better, you will find our barbers very receptive to questions and feedback. We are service orientated and it is through conversations that we can establish your desired needs and provide you with our professional advice. We can advise on what is achievable for you as an individual and offer solutions on how best to achieve your goals.

We will get you leaving the barbershop looking and feeling your absolute best,

It’s about the culture

To be a great barber one must constantly learn, adapt and remain at the cutting edge of the trade. A great team of barbers must do this together and work collectively to raise the bar for the group as a whole. Sharing knowledge and helping each other to grow while remaining humble and respectful, that is what our team culture is all about. The crew know how to create that special vibe that adds to the experience, they know when to chime in, when to have a joke and when to be a listening ear.  Come and trust in the team at Barber Industries.