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February 3, 2021

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift shopping for the ladies, the blokes have got it relatively easy because the guidelines for gifting are pretty straight forward. Different story for the ladies on the other hand, no clear cut guidelines there. A dozen red roses is not likely to make your man’s day memorable for the right reasons. Today we outline a simple guide to the things that men really wan’t on Valentine’s Day.

The Best Valentines Day Gifts For Men
Netflix And Chill

With all the hustle of daily life and work coming Monday, a busy night out for a fancy meal is probably the last thing your man feels like doing. Even though he likely feels obliged to take you out because of the stereotypical expectations of Valentine’s day. Try suggesting a night in for some chill time together instead, stream a movie and let one thing lead to another, gonna be better than a restaurant packed to the brim with tables of two any day of the week.

A Back Rub

By our research and mathematical data analysis this one is guaranteed to impress 99.9% of your men. If executed with a good amount of elbow grease and a passion for the task at hand, the back massage is one of the best ways for a lover to express their affection, doesn’t even cost you anything, save that money for the barbershop gift voucher.

Mix It Up

In newer relationships, Valentine’s Day can be approached as a day to show your affection through even the most cliché of gifting practices. As time passes however you’re probably hoping for something different to that long stem rose yourself yeah? Same goes for your man, try breaking up the routine with some new lingerie or even suggest something provocative as your own gift this year, a win for the both of you.

Barber Industries Gift Voucher

A gift that will have him looking good and feeling good. A visit to the barbershop is somewhat therapeutic and revitalising for blokes. Kicking back and enjoying the service courtesy of your lady friend is even better. Purchase a Barber Industries gift voucher between now and the close of business on Valentines Day and you will save 20% off any voucher with a face value of $30 or more. 

With this promotion a gift voucher becomes the ultimate Valentines gift for your man and it gives him the flexibility of choosing his own barbershop products and services while at the same time you save big dollars. Colognes, after shave balms, shaving soaps and razors or styling products, there is long list of highly desirable options for your man at Barber Industries.

T&C’s - Vouchers must be used at the same location as purchase. Not to be used at the time of purchase and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.