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July 18, 2021

In essence, a beard is pure masculinity and acts as one of the most iconic symbols of manliness. Before you go all Ned Kelly though, there are some things about beards that you should know! That’s why we put together this article on how to grow and maintain your beard like a pro. Let's jump right in!

Haircut and beard trim at the barbershopHaircut and beard trim at the barbershopHaircut and beard trim at the barbershopHaircut and beard trim at the barbershopHaircut and beard trim at the barbershop
Before You Grow

Before you start on your beard growing journey you should consider one thing first and foremost, are you physiologically able to grow a beard? With that box checked we can prepare you with the right knowledge and tools to take up the challenge.

The First Few Weeks

Once you're out of the starting blocks and on your way, you will soon encounter the dreaded itch. This is one of the major hurdles on the beard growing journey and has put an end to many a man's ambitions. The good news is that the itch is a sign your beard is growing and it can be managed by using quality beard oils like those from Proraso. Regularly applying beard oil from the very first stages of growth will ensure that the itch is short-lived and doesn't return.

Beard Oil, Balm & Wash

Beard oil is a combination of essential and carrier oils that can be used to keep not only your beard healthy but also the skin underneath. A high quality beard oil is a necessity for any man growing at any length. Beard balm on the other hand is designed to style, shape and neaten your beard into place. Beeswax is commonly added for long lasting hold throughout the day. Beard wash is specially formulated to clean the beard without stripping away its oils. Washing with regular shampoo can dry out the skin beneath the beard and this can lead to beard itch and dandruff. You can purchase all of these beard grooming essentials as well as beard combs and brushes here in the barbershop.  

Beard Trim & Line Up

After several weeks it's time to consider a visit the barbershop for a trim and line up, and for the record, this is a practice best left to the experienced hands of your barber. To their own detriment, many men try to trim their new beard themselves and it rarely ends well. The barber will correctly define your neckline and can taper the growth for a clean and classic finish. As your beard grows longer you can discuss with your barber the best beard shape for your face. 

A Word Of Encouragement

The process of growing and maintaining a beard can be long and tedious while very much rewarding and worthwhile at the same time. From the team here at the barbershop we wish you the very best of luck on your journey and hope we will be a part of it with you.