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March 25, 2023
Layrite Men's Grooming Products have been setting the benchmark of traditional barbering and men's grooming since the turn of the millennium. The brand was born after one user commented that the formula was the only product that made his hair lay right. The products have become the staple brand used by barbers seeking quality and authenticity the world over. The range is also available to purchase on our retail shelves and in today’s article we look at what’s in the range and which products are best suited to your needs.

Concentrated Beard Oil

A revolutionary beard and skin conditioner that has been expertly formulated to deliver superb moisture to hair and skin. With a unique blend of natural oils that condition and smooth hair while creating a protective barrier on skin to help lock in moisture and prevent “beardruff". Suitable for use in all beard lengths.

Concentrated Beard Oil

Liquid Cream Shave

Feel like you just walked out of the barbershop every day. This rich and creamy formula will soothe your skin while hydrating it as well. Creates a thick lather that allows your razor to glide over the skin, preventing any redness & inflammation along the way.

“It will leave you with the cleanest, smoothest skin you've ever had.”
Liquid Cream Shave

Aftershave Balm

Adds a cooling and refreshing finish to your shave. Goes on nice and smooth with a creamy formula that hydrates your skin, leaving it silky smooth. Suitable for all skin types. The addition of menthol cools and aloe vera nourishes the skin. Lightly scented for a refreshing finish.

Aftershave Balm

Daily Shampoo

Energising shampoo that leaves your hair clean, healthy, soft and ready to style. Suitable for all lengths and textures of hair and great for those men with a dry scalp. Made with hemp Seed Oil and Eucalyptus Oil to attract and dissolve dirt, remove built up styling products and impart anti-fungal properties for healthy hair and scalp.

Moisturising Conditioner

Vitamin packed formula that strengthens and moisturises for healthy hair and scalp. Suitable for all lengths and textures of hair and for those with a dry scalp. Includes a combination of essential vitamins known to help strengthen, add shine and provide nutrients that your hair needs for a healthy scalp.

Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner

What about the styling products?

Layrite is most famous for it’s men’s hair styling products and in this article we have focused our attention on the other offerings from the brand. If you have questions or want to learn more about the range of styling products like the ‘Superhold Pomade’, ’Cement Clay’ or ‘Natural Matte Cream? Simply come in and talk to the team here at Barber Industries Westfield Chatswood.