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November 22, 2022
If you have thick and wavy hair there is a pretty good chance that you’ve struggled to achieve your desired hairstyle at some point in time. You probably look at your thick and fuzz prone hair as a curse bestowed upon you and fail to find the blessings that come along with this type of genetics.
Teenager With Modern Curly Hairstyle - Barber Industries Chatswood

While some hairstyles are difficult to achieve with thick and wavy hair,

there are other hairstyles that are perfectly suited and the trick of it is to embrace the waviness and go for a hairstyle where your unique hair type plays to your advantage. 

What are the best hairstyles for men with thick and wavy hair?

The best advice is to embrace the waves and go for styles where your bends and kinks can be shown off. Medium length, relaxed and somewhat messy hairstyles will really compliment your hair’s attributes.

Most men are in pursuit of movement and texture in their hairstyle but with thick and wavy hair you’ve already got all that, you just need to learn to control it.

Optimal hairstyles include pompadours, quiffs, undercuts, side parts, mullets and choppy crops. A fade can be included for a more dynamic style and will blend flawlessly into the longer textured lengths of your hair up top.

Man With Mid-Length Curly Hairstyle

How to control and style thick and wavy hairstyles for men?

When it comes to controlling those locks its best to go for loose styling where your naturally wavy hair can be the star of the show.

Remember not to fight your hair’s natural attributes, work with your waves and reap the rewards that can come from thick and wavy hair. 

Firstly it is important to keep your hair well conditioned and frizz free, a leave in conditioner or styling cream works well in mid-length or longer hair.

For styling, a powder or sea salt spray can add appropriate hold, texture, volume and control. Always use your fingers to comb through your hair and not an actual comb as this will generally make your hairstyle look too structured and tidy. A paste or clay is great for a stronger level of hold and natural looking finish.

Teen With Curly Hairstyle - Westfield Chatswood