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January 13, 2022
As we near the return of school for another year, it is time to get the boys organised, looking fresh and ready to knuckle down for some academia. To assist, we have organised a list of back to school grooming essentials for boys. Read on for some barberly advice on shopping for the boys here at Barber Industries QVB.
Teenage Boy Getting Haircut At Barber Industries QVB SydneyTeenage Boy Getting Haircut At Barber Industries QVB SydneyTeenage Boy Getting Haircut At Barber Industries QVB Sydney


Before we get stuck into the products that will help keep the boys looking good and fighting fit in the school yard, we start with the all important haircut. A new school year is full of fresh starts and that calls for a fresh haircut too. Try to let them make their own decisions about their new hairstyle as this control of identity is empowering for young boys. If their choices don’t get a pass from the dean of students then they will learn that there are consequences for ill decisions. If they do get a pass then they’ll be into the new year with independence and confidence. Either way they are taking ownership of self and will learn a valuable set of skills to carry with them as they grow older. 


We all know that feeling when the barber has finished the haircut and then meticulously styles the hair. This usually involves a quick blow dry and then depending on the hairstyle chosen, they will apply one or two of the myriad of hairstyling products at their disposal, putting on those intricate touches before finishing with a spray of cologne. The thing to do in this regard is to ask the barber which hairstyling products they are using to achieve the styling and how the look can be recreated at home. This way you can purchase the correct products and any special combs or rollers needed. When school starts back the young fellas will have everything they need to recreate that barbershop styled look at home, a sure way to start every day with confidence.


Boys generally love a rumble and tumble and the school playground is covered in dirt, that dirt will inevitably end up in their hair. A quality degreasing shampoo will remove that dirt along with any build up of heavy styling products, we recommend American Crew Power Cleanser Shampoo. A three in one shampoo, conditioner, body wash is also a great option, we recommend Man Made Wash by 18.21 Man Made.
18.21 Man Made Wash - Bodywash For Men & Boys


We all want what is best for our kids and this should be no different when keeping their smelly sweat at bay. The thing with most deodorants is that they are full of weird chemicals with names you can’t even read, things like Palmitamidopropyltrimonium Chloride, yuk. Enter Baxter Of California’s multi award wining, aluminium and alcohol-free deodorant that tackles odour as it detoxifies and conditions the skin. Perfect for sensitive skin and won’t stain the school shirt.
Baxter Of California Deodorant, Style Spray Y Cream Pomade


The last item on this barbershop essentials hit list is perfect for adolescent boys and it is made by the Lucky Tiger brand. The Acne and Blemish Soap will prevent acne and pimples from forming and will help heal any current outbreaks. Made with antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it safely and effectively unclogs pores and removes built-up dirt and oils. 
Lucky Tiger Acne & Blemish Soap For Teenage Boys