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January 9, 2023
The skin fade has become one of the most popular hair cutting techniques today, especially among the trend savvy men of the younger generations. It is a barbering technique that blends the back and sides of the haircut into the neckline and or hairline. In this article we explore the versatility of the skin fade and the styles that make the technique so popular.
Crew Cut Skin Fade Hairstyle

What is a skin fade hairstyle?

A skin fade is the technique of raising the hairline and or neckline in a hairstyle.

It is achieved by cutting the hair to bare skin above the natural hairline. It is characterised by creating a seamless transition between the 'skin' and longer lengths of the hairstyle. It is a professional barbering technique that takes much practice to master. Be sure to see our team of professional barbers here at the Marrickville Metro if you want to explore hairstyles that incorporate this technique.

Mid Skin Fade And Textured Crop Hairstyle
Textured Crop Hairstyle With Mid Skin Fade

What makes a skin fade so versatile?

Along with being incredibly popular, the skin fade is extremely versatile too.

It can be used to create a variety of dynamic hairstyles that range from classics to more modern cuts. Barbers can apply this technique at different heights above the hairline or at selected areas like only the temples. It is this variation in technique that makes the skin fade so versatile.

Low Skin Fade With 'V' Shape At The Back
Low Skin Fade With 'V' Shape At The Back

What hairstyles work well with a skin fade?

Popular hairstyles that are often paired with the skin fade include:

The crew cut, textured crop, pompadour, and quiff. The adaptability of the technique means that it also works well within many other hairstyles like mullets, faux hawks and undercuts.

With the ability to add dynamism and style, it is no wonder that the skin fade has never been as popular as it is today. Great for tweaking those classic hairstyles and staying fashion forward.

Modern Mullet Hairstyle With High Skin Fade At The Temples
Modern Mullet Hairstyle With High Skin Fade At The Temples