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November 25, 2022
Summer is knocking on the door and so is the hot and humid weather that comes with the season. So, in today’s article we offer some barbershop advise, tips and tricks on hairstyling through a hot, wet Australian summer. Ultimately we want all you beach bums to be looking like fine bronze specimens when leaving the sand and enjoying the best of the rest that the season brings.
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For Men With Long Hair Worn Loosely

First up we talk about the traditional locks of the Aussies beach bum. Long salt riddled hair hanging to the shoulders and bleached by endless days in the sun. For these lads the barbers advice is to keep your hair healthy with regular conditioning and the use of a styling cream or grooming spray that includes aloe vera, argon oil or similar moisturising ingredients. We like Layrite Deluxe Grooming Spray here at the barbershop.

Loose Mens Hairstyle
Layrite Deluxe Shampoo & Conditioner

For Men With Mid-Length Structured Hairstyles

This is the group of men who have their work cut out for them the most in the summer months. The weather can make it difficult to hold a well structured hairstyle and jumping into the pool to cool off means a full re-style is required. The barbers advise for these men is to turn to styling products that don’t easily wash out with water. Products with wax, fats or oils at their core will offer hold that doesn’t easily sweat out and can be quickly restyled after taking a dip.

Structured Men's Hairstyle

For Men With Skin Fades And Super Short Hair

These are the blokes who don’t like wasting their time grooming their hair. Yes there is some time spent getting a regular fade every couple of weeks but once freshly cut there is literally no further maintenance required. The barbers advice for these blokes is to get into the barbershop and get your fade more regularly in the summer months, this way you can get a nice sun tan on your scalp and everything looks nice and uniform from head to shoulders.

Skin Fade And Razor Blade - Barber Industries Marrickville