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April 15, 2022
For those men who have enjoyed the quality of our traditional cut throat shave, you will know that it is an exceptional experience and something you’d love to replicate at home. Well you are in such, because in this article we outline the steps you can take to recreate that barbershop quality shave at home.
Barber applying after shave balm to customer at Barber industries Tamworth Shoppingworld.Barber shaving customer at Barber industries Tamworth Shoppingworld.

It all starts with the six p’s:

Prior Preparation Prevents a Piss Poor Performance

Preparing your skin for the rigours of shaving is actually more important than the actual act of shaving itself. Get this first stage wrong and it will undo any good work you do later. There are several steps needed and these have even more importance for men with sensitive skin.

  • Here at the barbershop we use a hot towel to introduce heat and moisture, at home you can do the same or take a hot shower to fulfil this first step.
  • Use a pre-shaving cream to prepare both skin surface and whiskers. This will create a base for the soap lather and help to reduce any skin irritation or razor burn. If you're looking for the best on the market, check out the range of Proraso pre and after creams.
  • Now for the shave soap, to obtain the best shave, you must also apply the best soap. Make your choice and apply in the old fashioned style with a shaving brush. This will further prepare everything for the shave and will act as a lubricant between your skin and the razor blade. 

The art of the shave:

Time to choose your razor and be it a five blade, three or one, it must be sharp, that is key. At the barbershop we always shave with a traditional cut throat, which is a single blade. One of the main reasons for this that we must shave every single different type of face and beard. The single blade fits into every space and has the least amount of friction, which is paramount for men with sensitive skin. At home a single blade safety razor is the perfect tool for the job. 

After shave care:

A dash of aftershave gives that fresh finishing touch but an after shave balm is the ultimate way to round out the process. Massaging the balm into the facial skin will soothe and invigorate while the antibacterial properties will ensure the best after shave care.

Use what the barber uses:

The final word of advise from the barber on this one is: if you wan’t to achieve that same barbershop shave at home, then use what the barber uses. To shop the best barbershop only brands for your shave, get in and see the team here at Barber Industries Tamworth Shoppingworld.