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June 6, 2022
Along with Korean drama on Netflix, the two-block hairstyle is streaming into the hearts and minds of girls the world over. The hairstyle is relatively easy to maintain and a man doesn’t need to be be a KPOP star to wear it well and make hearts flutter. In this article we will break down the two block hairstyle, look at where it came from and who it suits the most.
Asian Man With Two Block Hairstyle - Barber Industries Rhodes

What is the two block hairstyle? 

The name two block refers to the two distinct sections of hair that form this hairstyle. It is a versatile cut and there are many different variation but there are fundamentally two disconnected lengths or blocks of hair. The hair on top being longer than the shorter hair on the sides and back. The hairstyle shares the same characteristics and is not too dissimilar to a disconnected undercut.

The shorter block is often a taper fade or just a taper.

Asian man with two-block hairstyle

The longer block can be parted, swept forward or back and is usually worn wavy, textured and messy.

Where did the two block hairstyle originate?

Before making a move onto the global scene the two block aesthetic was popularised by fashion forward KPOP artists and by those in Korea’s celebrity circles. Take a look at any male Korean drama actor and you will likely be looking at a well perfected two block aesthetic.

Who is best suited to the two block hairstyle?

You can only assume that a trend that started in Asia would work well for Asian men, and you wouldn’t be mistaken. While the hairstyle is becoming more widely adopted it does remain very popular with Asian men of many nationalities. The style can be worn in straight hair however it is perfect for men with wavy hair and is most often worn messy and textured.