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July 9, 2023

In this article we will first explain what a kids skin fade haircut is and then outline some different variations of this hair cutting technique. Additionally, we will outline the current trending kids skin fade haircuts that the boys are requesting at the barbershop. This is a really sharp looking family of haircuts and hopefully this article helps you know exactly which style you'd like to choose for your son’s next visit to the team here at Barber Industries Midland Gate.

Boys Skin Fade Haircut

What is a kids skin fade haircut?

A skin fade is a hair cutting technique that can be used to create a dynamic range of haircuts for boys. The skin fade differs from a standard kids haircut in that the hair is blended down to the skin above the natural hairline.

With a standard haircut the clippers would be used on the back and sides and typically a number two or number three guard is used. With a skin fade the hair will be cut in a gradient with the shortest length fading away to skin, this section is cut with an electric razor or razor blade.

Kids Skin Fade Haircut For Boys

What are the different types of skin fade haircuts?

There are several different options when cutting the skin fade, each type is distinct in its own way and compliments different overall looks. A low fade raises the hairline just above the ear and is the most subtle. The mid fade is a bit higher up on the head and offers a nice balance between the low fade and high fade. The high fade is the most daring, with the hairline shifting right up the back and sides of the head. A burst fade is a fade cut in a circular shape and lastly a taper fade is cut just at the temple and nape of the neck.

There are many other terms used to describe these haircuts in different parts of the world, so without further ado, let's jump into some pictures and how a skin fade fits into some trendy and complete kids haircuts for boys....

The trending kids skin fade haircuts for boys?

High Skin Fade With Crop Top

Boys Skin Fade With Textured Crop Top Haircut

Mid Skin Fade With Side Part And Pattern

Mid Skin Fade With Side Part And Pattern Boys Haircut

High Skin Fade Buzz Cut With Boxed Up Fringe

High Skin Fade Buzz Cut With Boxed Up Fringe - Kids Haircut For Boys

Low Taper Fade With Blowout And Pattern

Comb Over With Mid Skin Fade

Comb Over With Mid Skin Fade

Low Skin Fade With Spiked Top