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January 17, 2021

Popular boys hairstyles are forever changing and yesterday’s trends have given way to a new wave of styles for 2021. Today we outline the latest fashion forward styes and hopefully help you to choose a fresh and contemporary hairstyle that compliments your young mans personality.

Boys skin fade haircutKids crop top hair cutBoys Faux Hawk HairstyleBoys modern hairstyle with patternBoys haircut with hard part / line
Faux Hawk

Exuding much more contemporary style and sophistication than a true mohawk, the faux hawk is not nearly as wild and provides a very stylish look for boys. The haircut mimics a mohawk, hence the name, but the difference is in the softer transitions and blending of the lengths. Style this haircut with a volumising powder to perfect this look.

Crop Top

The crop top, also know as a French crop, is one of the trending short haircuts for boys right now. This is a classic hairstyle where super short cut sides give way to slightly longer length on the top and a cropped fringe. Use a wide toothed texturising comb to create a criss cross pattern and a perfectly finished style.

Skin Fade

Super smart and sharp, the skin fade is great for boys with darker hair and is perfect for those with thick or even afro hair. A high skin fade cut with a short length on top and a boxed up fringe has become the go-to hairstyle for many a savvy young man and that is what can be seen in the image.

Boys Skin Fade

The Hard Part

One of the best ways to ensure a really clean and neat haircut is to create a shaved line where the side part is. Known as a hard part this technique makes styling a breeze and is great for young boys who are entering the age of styling their own hair in the morning.

Lines & Patterns

Shaved lines are quickly gaining in popularity. Even many older men are adopting lines as a way to freshen up their look without changing their overall hairstyle. It is however mostly the younger pre-adolescence boys that remain the most adventurous with these hairstyles. Creative line work or a pattern shaved into the sides of the hairstyle is a great way to let them show off their individualism. Shaved lines and patterns are becoming very popular for 2021.