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At the foot of the Blue Mountains you will find one of our Barber Industries Concept Stores in Richmond. With the towns historic charm it is the perfect location for a barbershop rich in its own tradition, a store with a modern day delivery of age old customs and barbershop culture, a home of grooming for modern masculinity, manly youth and even for the littlest of blokes.

From old school to ultra modern styles, what you ask for is what you get, our approach is positive, comfortable and our services are always delivered with the greatest care and attention to detail. Touch up your hair line and keep your style on point or indulge in the kings shave with hot towels and a face massage. Our team of professional barbers are craftsman of the highest degree and you are in the hands of the Hawkesbury's finest tradesman when you are with us.

We offer a great selection of men's treatment and grooming products, many of which make great gift ideas, if your unsure about the products or their suitability for your man just ask the staff, if you can't decide or are overwhelmed by the selection we have vouchers available and they are always the perfect gift.

We are open seven days a week and are conveniently located at Shop 26 in the Richmond Marketplace. See our services section for daily trading hours and for a full list of our rates on hair cuts, beard treatments & shaves. Come for a visit and enjoy the Barber Industries Experience.


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  • Crew Cut
  • Beard Trim
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Good haircut, comfortable chair, in and out quick.

5 Star Google Rating
Daniel Moton
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Very good service & very friendly. I am so happy for my haircut  🤗best barber

5 Star Google Rating
Mick Helwe
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By far the best barber shop in the area, I highly recommend this place 👍👍

5 Star Google Rating
Amir Karimkhani
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Barbershop Blog

The Barbershop Pole

July 16, 2019

Most of us would easily recognise the striped pole that can be found outside many Barbershops. A white pole with red and blue stripes, spinning away. It catches your attention, it is a well known motif of the barbershop, but have you ever wondered how it came to be and what it actually symbolises?
The Barbershop Pole

According to custom, Barber Poles have traditionally comprised of three colors, each of which has a deep meaning. These days you would be easily forgiven for not knowing what those meanings are, or for not coming anywhere even close with your wildest of assumptions.

The actual origins date back to more ancient times, an era where very few doctors or surgeons could be found. At that same period of time there was a common practice surrounding those with illness in that leeching or letting of blood was performed. This involved the sucking of blood by leeches or the draining of blood by incision. The belief was that the body could be brought back into balance by releasing the bad blood. Many barbershops of the time doubled up as surgeries and the barber pole came into use as a way to signify those shops where surgery was practiced.

The typical tradesman at the barbershop of the day was a groomsmen, surgeon and also someone who practised dentistry. Those were also the days before tooth paste and tooth brushes so you can only assume that they were kept damn busy and had their work cut out.

The pole itself is said to have been derived from the staff that the patient gripped onto to encourage blood flow during the leeching or blood letting procedures. As for the colors red, white and blue, there are a couple of theories, both in agreement that red is symbolic of blood and blue of veins. There is however debate over whether the color white is symbolic of nerves or the bandages used to wrap the wounds.

The barbershop and the role of the barber have both come a long way since those grizzly days of pulling teeth and chopping limbs off. While much has changed the barbers pole remains, often understood only to show that the barbershop is open for trade, but to those in the know it also carries that rich history of a timeless and proud profession.


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