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September 2, 2020

How good is this weather, spring has definitely kicked in and sporting a fresh hair-do is just what is needed for the season. As spring is the time of renewal and growth, you too can do the same with a new and exciting haircut. Think of it as an opportunity to reintroduce yourself, a time for self progression and a new found confidence.

Retro mid fade hair cutPractical hairstyles for springMen's Hairstyles for Spring

Today we take a look at the current trends in men’s hairstyles and the best ways to freshen up your look for spring:

A Retro Yet Sleek Men’s Haircut: 40s-Inspired Mid-Fade

Mid-fade haircuts were popular in the 1940s, especially among the army men of this era. The iconic parting seen on the side is identifiable to men of service and good character.

This haircut is making its triumphant return and has become a spring style among many men across all generations. This is a great cut if you want to look your best for a wedding or executive meeting. To request for this haircut, ask your barber for a clean mid-fade with parting.

Back-to-Basics: Scissor Cut

If you’re not the type of bloke who likes to put too much effort into styling your hair,  then this is the ideal style for you, especially during the warmer seasons. It is a recommended haircut for young boys since it saves the trouble of keeping their hair in check and traditional schools recommend this type of length and style for boys.

If you love a fade and need to feel some clippers, add a taper at the nape. For a clean and practical cut, request a finger-length, all-over crop.

Big and Bold Hair: A Mid-Length Cut with Textured Layers

If you’re not bothered by hair grooming and longer, full-volume hair, then this could be the choice for you. This is the type of style that needs a little extra maintenance but is on trend for a cool and cruisy look. You will need a good length to get started, talk to the barber about the finished length that you desire and ask for a point cut with layers or a sweep back.

New School: The Faded-Mullet

A relatively new emergence and a style that is really gaining in popularity is that where the sides are faded but the rear is left to form a mullet. The length at the back varies but is often only slightly longer than the top.

The style has made it’s way onto the heads of some of the nations sporting elite, with the NRL’s Kalyn Ponga the latest star to be rocking this hairstyle. To request for this haircut, ask the barber for a fade on the sides and instruct them on the desired length for the top and back.

With the hairstyle covered, it’s time to consider the following tips to maintain the cohesiveness of your overall look:

Keep to the look with hair products

When you leave the barbershop, you may have the hairstyle set for the rest of the day but wake up the next morning and find it messy. To maintain the look and also the health of your hair, consider investing in quality hair products recommended by your barber.

Consider going for a beard trim or shave

If you have a beard or even stubble, you will surely want that cleaned up too, you can include this as part of your service or come in for a shave as a stand alone. If you truely want the best shave of your life, ask the barber for our famous hot towel shave, nothing will get you feeling fresher this spring.

Make spring a time for new beginnings, get a fresh and trendy style from the team here at Barber Industries, put your best foot forward and chase down your dreams.