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December 18, 2019

From all of the team here at Barber Industries Richmond, we would like to shout out a big thank you to all of our loyal customers, we truely appreciate the ongoing support that you have shown throughout the year. From our families to yours we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you all have safe travels if you’re lucky enough to be going away and many happy returns of the day. Come in and see us for some festive cheer and to get fresh and ready for the new year ahead.
Customer In Barbershop In Richmond NSWCustomer In Barbershop In Richmond NSWCustomer In Barbershop In Richmond NSWCustomer In Barbershop Getting Beard Treatment In Richmond NSW

Big thanks to everyone who participated in having their photo taken with us throughout the year, you can view more customer photos and keep up to date with everything that is happening by following us on Instagram @barberindustriesofficial and on Facebook @barberindustries.

Apart from dishing out great haircuts, hot towel shaves and and amazing service, we also stock a huge range of great gift ideas. Let’s talk a little about Christmas gift shopping for dad, your brothers, partner, or all of the above, and how to ensure that you nail it with the best gifts for all of them this year.

Partner - The main man in your life and you don’t wan’t to disappoint him, 100% you should get him our new ‘Golden Ticket Gift Voucher’. That way he can choose his own adventure, he can come in and get the royal treatment from the team and he can hand pick his favourite goodies from the shelves. The Gift Vouchers are enshrined in good vibes and they are the ultimate prize for every bloke to crack open on Christmas Day.

Brother - The Uppercut Deluxe Field Kit comes with a Pomade, travel sized Body Wash, travel sized Shampoo and a Tortoiseshell Comb. It is made of heavy duty canvas, has multiple compartments that can be stuffed full of extras and it will be sitting pretty under any Christmas tree.

Dad - Give him a gift that will keep on giving every time he shaves. A traditional razor and some goodies from Proraso will provide him with the world’s best and have him looking and feeling good every day of the new year. He will be forever grateful.

Son, Nephew or other little Ratbags - Socks and Pomade Tins from Uppercut Deluxe are perfect and don’t forget a Golden Ticket Gift Voucher so they can come in and get freshened up.

Grandfather - For something truely special and as a way to say I love you to your pops, try a traditional shaving kit with a cutthroat razor and a shaving brush, it will bring a tear of joy to the old boy’s eye and it will be something he will genuinely cherish.

Secret Santa - If you happen to know their favourite styling product you could grab em a puck and if your unsure a Golden Ticket Gift Voucher is always a safe bet and will serve you well.

Yourself - Don’t forget to treat yourself to something special, come in a see the team, get a fresh look to start the new year and unabashedly load up on all of your favourite styling goodies.

Christmas Trading Hours

Closed on Christmas Day - 25th December 2019

Open on Boxing Day - 26th December 2019

Closed New Years Day - 1st January 2020

Huss - Barber Industries Richmond

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