Barbershop Blog


January 13, 2021

As the new school year fast approaches it is time to get the boys into the barbershop for a fresh, clean and school approved haircut. In saying that there needs not be any boring hairstyles. We can provide them with a haircut that matches their personality, gives them confidence in their looks and won’t get them into strife with the schools dean of students.

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Short Back & Sides

There are a few good reasons why the shorter spectrum of hairstyles are so popular for boys. They are fast drying, easy to style and tend to have longer hold during the rough and tumble of the playground and throughout those long school days. A super short style, like a boxed up high fade, needs little to no stying before school in the morning and will keep them looking sharp and smart all day long.


High school boys tend to be more fashion forward when choosing their hairstyles and they are also more likely to look towards longer textured hairstyles than their younger counterparts. At this age their interests tend to broaden and so too does the level of social influence. Along with this it is not uncommon for teens to start experimenting with different hairstyles and adopting the choppy textured looks of their favourite artist or celebrity.

Patterns & Lines

While it may not be permissible at all schools, the addition of some pattern work or surgical lines down the side of the hairstyle can help to provide some individualism and is a good way to funk up the old short back and sides. This is more popular with primary school aged boys and Instagram is good place to look for inspiration.

The Classic

The pompadour is a timeless and classic hairstyle that takes a little more maintenance than shorter styles. Made famous by rockabillies and greasers, it is recommended only if your young man is a little dapper and willing to take the extra time and effort for this style in his morning routine. In saying that the haircut can easily be worn as a simple slick back when time is short and then a sky high pomp when the occasion calls.