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May 29, 2021

As a big cold front whips up the coast, you can feel that winter is well and truely on the way. The cold weather means rugging up and it’s probably a good time to grow that beard too. But what about your hairstyle? Unless we’re going into Covid lockdown 2.0 you still need a regular fresh cut so you can look on top of your game. Let’s take a look at what works and what doesn’t in the best men’s hairstyles for Winter 2021.

Skin Fade To Beard Fade ComboSkin Fade To Beard Fade ComboSkin Fade To Beard Fade Combo
Long Locks And Messy Layers

You would think that having a head full of long locks would help provide some extra warmth during the colder months and this is typically true if your hair remains dry. The problem arising with long hair is that it takes soooooo much longer to dry and this can get time consuming and be a real pain in the butt. Getting around with a long wet mop on the other hand will give you the chills and this is best avoided along with long hair if you don’t have adequate time to maintain it.

The Return Of The Crop Top

This a versatile hairstyle that is low maintenance and quick drying, nice and easy for getting out of the house in a hurry. The popularity of the crop top has ebbed and flowed over time, however, it seems to be pushing back onto the scene in a big way of late. Combo a fade on the back and sides with a short textured top and a blunt fringe for a hairstyle that is super stylish and on trend. For easy daily styling, use a styling powder and a wide toothed texturising comb.

Skin Fade And Beard Fade Combo

Skin fade hairstyles remain to be our most popular request and this is consistent across all seasons. Aussie men love a good fade and winter is a good time to grow a beard… do you see where this is going? Indeed, skin fade and beard fade combo! The ruggedness and badassery of a beard that is offset with the cleanliness of a fade. The beard keeps your chops covered and warm while the overall look is hip, smart, and contemporary, a great style for winter 2021.

The Final Word

A clean haircut will always provide that fresh feeling and this can be a good way to keep you moving and motivated during the colder months. In the words of John Snow “winter is coming” but fear not, it’s shaping up nicely and the Bureau Of Meteorology says it’s “going to be a warmer than normal winter”. Be sure to get in and change up your style with the changing of the season.